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NatureScape, 3 Season and All Season Sunrooms and Patio Rooms

Your PGT NatureScape Patio Room lets you bring the best of the outside inside. It gives you more unobstructed view than any other patio room. Plus the room you need for more enjoyable living-relaxing in a hot tub, entertaining holiday guests, or just sitting back and enjoying the evening breeze. NatureScape Patio Rooms are durable, virtually maintenance-free, and backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Because it's custom-built, your NatureScape Patio Room can be just the size you need. With more options than you'll find anywhere else. PGT NatureScape Patio Rooms are sold only through authorized dealers.

Three-Season Room w/Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels
Three-Season Glass Room
All-Season Room
Overhead and Underneath
Customize Your Patio Room
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Only BOCA/ICBO-Approved Patio Room

The Only Patio Room with Both BOCA and ICBO Approval

BOCA and ICBO are non-profit organizations run by building officials and code administrators that are dedicated to ensuring the quality of building products and practices. BOCA and ICBO approvals assure homeowners that NatureScape Patio Rooms meet or exceed building code requirements. This streamlines the permitting process and allows for timely installation of the room on a home, because local building officials can easily reference the reports to quickly determine that the entire NatureScape Room meets code requirements in their area. Homeowners purchasing rooms that do not have BOCA or ICBO approval could be confronted with drawn-out permitting processes or even permit refusals.

Receiving BOCA and ICBO approvals is just one way PGT fulfills our promise of "quality without compromise" in selection, service and satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Why not pick out the NatureScape Patio Room that's just right for you . . .

The Three-Season Room with Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels

This has long been a favorite of homeowners wanting maximum ventilation, a patio room feel, even room for a hot tub or exercise equipment. Vinyl-glazed Eze-Breeze Vertical Four- Track Sliding Panels are an exclusive NatureScape feature. They slide up and down easily to open up 75% of the window area for ventilation and view (while screens keep the bugs out). When the weather cooperates, you'll have that breezy, "screened porch" feeling. Yet these unique, vinyl-glazed panels provide excellent protection when things turn damp or chilly. They're weather-resistant, with durable aluminum frames.

And they have shatterproof vinyl glazing. Hit it, and it will simply flex and return to its original form. If you're thinking three- season, think Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels an unbeatable and very affordable combination.

The Three-Season Glass Room

This NatureScape Patio Room offers you the same high-quality glass windows you'll find in new home construction. These durable aluminum windows meet or exceed AAMA standards. They have an interlocking meeting rail to prevent air and water infiltration and also meet forced entry standards for home security. This room gives you an extra measure of comfort for dining, relaxing or entertaining - even when the weather turns damp or chilly. And, you can choose from a variety of window styles to match your home - plus French or sliding glass patio doors. A lot of reasons the Three-Season Glass Room might be the perfect one for you.

The All-Season Room

In addition to bringing the best of the outside in, this room keeps the worst of the outside out. Extra-wide, 3-inch thermally broken wall panels make heating and air conditioning an energy- efficient proposition, so you can use this room as a TV room, hobby room or just a place to relax comfortably year- round. Durable vinyl-framed glass windows - a rarity in this industry - offer excellent thermal qualities, as well. And you get a choice of colors and styles that can make the All-Season Room seem like an architect-designed room addition. Only more affordable.

Overhead and Underneath

Our Panel-Lock Roof System is a maintenance-free aluminum roof designed to match your home, while remaining durable and watertight. Rain and snowmelt are channeled into an extruded aluminum gutter that's wider and heavier than typical gutters, so it can handle more runoff.

ThermaDeck floor panels provide a unique and effective insulating system that prevents drafts and damp. You can use them over an existing patio, or they provide the perfect solution when one is not available. The panels give you a beautiful, solid floor that can be enhanced with your choice of floor coverings.

Customize Your Patio Room

"Custom-built" means just that when it comes to finishing your NatureScape Patio Room. You can choose from the industry's broadest selection of interior and exterior wall materials, colors and finishes. . . window and door styles and glazing. . . door hardware finishes . . . even rooflines and roof colors. Ask your dealer about the details that can make your NatureScape Patio Room one of a kind.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Your NatureScape Patio Room comes with a lifetime limited warranty covering component parts, and vinyl, plastic and screen components. Ask your dealer for a copy.

Send an e-mail to Billy Loftin with questions or call 901-647-5111.
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