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Panel-Lock Roof Panel Systems


The unique design of the Panel-Lock™ Roof Panel System makes it ideal for roofing carports, room additions and PGT® NatureScape® Patio Rooms - in any climate.

Sturdy Construction: Designed to prevent leaks. Clears spans up to 14' while supporting snow load.*

No Maintenance: Durable baked-on finish withstands time and the elements for lasting performance.

Easy Installation: Unique design and simple assembly save time and labor.

Versatile Application: Designed for both studio and gable roofs. Can be shingled to match existing roof.

Attractive Colors and Options: A broad choice of roof and ceiling colors and textures are available. Skylights can be installed with ease, and the optional fan beam supports ceiling fans and lights.

Guaranteed Quality: Covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

*Local building codes may vary.

A Roofing System That’s Strong, Simple and Worry-Free.
The Panel-Lock Roof System is a unique design that combines a durable, maintenance-free roof and an attractive ceiling in one system. Top off your new patio room, room addition or carport with a roof that’s strong, tight and easily installed, in your choice of colors and textures.

The extra-strong, extra-wide extruded aluminum gutter with matching fascia provides a finished look, and is designed to handle runoff with ease.

Fans, lights-even skylights-can be added easily to this attractive, maintenance- free ceiling. The optional fan beam serves as a conduit for wiring and supports the weight of the fixture.

This system can be used on gable roofs, and can be shingled to match an existing roof. The "Half Snap" option provides a wood nailing surface for shingles.

The Panel-Lock Roof System is designed to handle snow loads.
* Standard panel dimensions-48" wide x 3" deep (4" and 6" depths available) in lengths up to 25'*.
* One-piece extruded aluminum gutter with matching fascia is available for 3" and 4" panel depths.
* Aluminum thickness-.024 or .030.
* Standard foam density-2 lb. (1 lb. density available).
* Minimum pitch for flat (studio) roofs-1/2" per ft.
* Minimum pitch for Half-Snap roofs to accommodate shingles-3/12 to 4/12.
* Optional fan beam available.

*Local building codes may limit clear-span length.

Send an e-mail to Billy Loftin with questions or call 901-647-5111.
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