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When it comes to code-driven hurricane protection, PGT® WinGuard™ Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors provide a solution that’s clearly superior to shutters. The new Florida Building Code (effective January 1, 2002 ) means stricter requirements for homeowners and builders. Residential structures in coastal counties will be required to have approved hurricane shutters or impact-resistant windows and doors that can withstand winds of 110 to 160 miles per hour. WinGuard is the only complete line of impact-resistant window and door products to have Miami-Dade County product approval on all of its products.

With WinGuard Windows and Doors you maintain design flexibility, while avoiding having separate subcontractors for windows and shutters. When the windows are in, you’re done. And the cost of installing WinGuard Windows and Doors is very competitive with the cost of regular windows and doors plus code-approved shutters.

For your customers, this one-time investment avoids the continuing expense and hassle of putting up, taking down and storing hurricane panels. There are no ugly bolt holes, accordions or roll down housings to mar the appearance of their home. Plus they get added security, noise reduction and UV protection.

Proven Impact-Resistant Products...
PGT started developing impact-resistant windows and doors after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We now offer the only complete line of impact-resistant products available to Florida builders. State-of-the-art technology, a highly motivated workforce and rigorous quality control ensure you of products that meet the highest standards. And we offer a comprehensive selection of options, upgrades and innovations to satisfy the evolving demands of your markets and buyers.
Delivered When You Need Them...
Short lead times and a commitment to on-time delivery are equally important in a business where time equals money. While you may have to worry about subcontractor schedules and delivery of other building materials, you won’t have to worry about WinGuard windows. Our 420,000 sq. ft. plant, computerized ordering and scheduling system, and a fleet of company-owned trucks are here to make sure you don’t. We have recently completed our own laminated glass plant to assure short lead times for impact- resistant windows and doors.
With Outstanding Dealer and Factory Support.

Authorized PGT dealers are recruited and trained to provide you with sales and service support you can depend on from estimating through completion.

Our dealer network is, in turn, assisted by the PGT Customer Service Center, which processes orders, solves problems and answers questions.

Additional support is provided by the PGT Engineering Department, which can provide Miami- Dade County product approvals and handle other job-specific requests.

Send an e-mail to Billy Loftin with questions or call 901-647-5111.
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